Oneplus NORD — Midrange Smartphone King is Back.

Umar Usman
4 min readJul 23, 2020

Finally, Oneplus Nord is here to take back the position of midrange Smartphone. Since the start of 2020, all smartphone manufactures are trying to get the midrange smartphone spot after touching the $1000 mark. As we all know not everyone likes to spend this much money on a smartphone. Samsung tried to get that midrange smartphone spot by launching its A-series phones and Apple with it’s iPhone SE. Rumors are saying Google is also planning to launch a midrange Pixel 4A. While on the other side Oneplus doesn’t need any introduction for their midrange smartphone spot as Oneplus was the first-ever company that started this trend of providing their users the flagship features on half the price. If you look back you can see the first-ever Oneplus device was Oneplus One that launched in 2013 with a $299 mark. After 7 years Oneplus changed its marketing strategy and launched $1000 flagship devices Oneplus 8 and 8 pro. Many fans were sad because of this move but they are now coming back to their origin, the position of midrange smartphone king by launching the Oneplus NORD.

Oneplus NORD:

Oneplus Nord is the device that includes all the most latest specifications available for any smartphone at a price of 399euro. Why the euro because this device is currently only available in Europe, China, and India. But hopefully, we will see Nord in the USA at $450. Still much cheaper than any smartphone with these specs.

If we talk about the overall design

you can easily say that this is an Oneplus design. If you look at the back camera system it feels quite the same as the Oneplus 8 and 8 pro. Comes in two different colors Gray Onyx and Blue Marble.

The screen is 6.4 inches AMOLED display with 90 Hz smoothness. It display is a 2400x1080 pixels with 408ppi. It is one of the most beautiful AMOLED display in the market. The display also includes an Optical Finger Print Sensor which works perfectly fine.

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