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It allows users to hide their “Last Seen” from specific users.

WhatsApp the most famous internet messaging service all across the world is working on its new privacy settings. Before discussing the upcoming privacy feature for both iPhone and Android devices, we need to discuss how WhatsApp created its privacy settings and what are some issues users face while using them.

Must try these my favorite March 2021, iOS14 Homescreen Widgets

Apple released iOS14 for the public. It comes with so many awesome features alongside the new home screen widgets. Surprisingly, the developers have moved really fast and have updated their apps for the latest iOS14 with some amazing widget capabilities. Some widgets are useful, some are cool and some are…

iFixit teardown of HomePod Mini found an ambient and temperature sensor inside

A recent teardown of Apple HomePod Mini shows that it includes hidden ambient and temperature sensor. These sensors are not mentioned on the spec sheet of HomePods but found inside. Currently, there is no feature in Apple HomePod mini that uses these two sensors but Bloomberg reported that Apple is…

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