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It allows users to hide their “Last Seen” from specific users.

WhatsApp the most famous internet messaging service all across the world is working on its new privacy settings. Before discussing the upcoming privacy feature for both iPhone and Android devices, we need to discuss how WhatsApp created its privacy settings and what are some issues users face while using them.

A few years back WhatsApp introduced 3 types of privacy settings for its users: Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About. These privacy settings allow users to decide who can see your data like your last seen, profile picture, and about while interacting with you on Whatsapp. For controlling these, WhatsApp…

Smaller Notch, Better Camera, and many more.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 launch event is expected to happen on the 17th of September. We have received so many rumors of the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s (naming is still not sure but we will call it iPhone 13). I did my research on all the available rumors of the upcoming iPhone 13 on the internet so that you don’t get to go for all of them and you get an idea of what features are coming to the upcoming iPhone 13 series. Let’s start with the launch event date and product launch data.

Source: Technizo Concept

1. Launch Event Date

If you are…

Must try these must-have widgets of July 2021, iOS14 Homescreen Widgets

iOS 15 is almost here, developers already received the beta version of iOS 15 and Apple will release the public version in September 2021. There are no big changes in iOS 15 so far as compared to iOS 14. iOS 14 came with so many amazing features and one of the most prominent and useful features in my opinion was homescreen widgets. I have published a ton of articles related to the best homescreen widgets for iOS 14. Some widgets are very useful, some are cool. …

Old Generation Apple Airpods support Lossless music support?

Apple is planning to enable lossless music support for its upcoming Airpods. This rumor is reported yesterday by one of the most accurate Apple leaker “Jon Prosser” on his video. He mentioned that Apple is working on a lossless audio quality feature on Apple music.

Source: Apple

In his video, he says that this lossless audio quality feature will only work on the upcoming wireless devices like (Airpods 3, Airpods Pro 2, and Airpods Pro Max 2). This feature will not be available for older generation Airpods devices not even the $549 Apple Airpods Max.

Jon explained by saying:
it isn’t Apple’s fault…

The report says Apple is planning to use Samsung displays in the future iPhone models.

The newest report came from The Elec mentions that Apple is planning to adopt LTPO high refresh rate display technology in the upcoming iPhone models. Previously we had rumors that Apple will use LG display technology for its upcoming iPhone 13 lineup but now confirmed by The Elec that Apple is planning to use Samsung display technology for the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup.

Photo by Frederik Lipfert on Unsplash

The report mentioned that Samsung is going to provide display units to Apple soon. For this Samsung will need to transition its OLED line dedicated to Apple to the latest display technology, switching to low-temperature polycrystalline oxide…

Must try these my favorite March 2021, iOS14 Homescreen Widgets

Apple released iOS14 for the public. It comes with so many awesome features alongside the new home screen widgets. Surprisingly, the developers have moved really fast and have updated their apps for the latest iOS14 with some amazing widget capabilities. Some widgets are useful, some are cool and some are very useless. In this article, I am going to share some of the amazing and useful widgets you can get right now on your device running iOS14.

Source: Reddit user paatrickjohns

5 My Favorite Homescreen Widgets of March 2021

These are useful and my favorite iOS14 home screen widgets for iPhone and iPad. I am sure you all will also like them…

iFixit teardown of HomePod Mini found an ambient and temperature sensor inside

A recent teardown of Apple HomePod Mini shows that it includes hidden ambient and temperature sensor. These sensors are not mentioned on the spec sheet of HomePods but found inside. Currently, there is no feature in Apple HomePod mini that uses these two sensors but Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to use these sensors (temperature and ambient) for detecting the temperature and humidity, and light of the place so that HomePod can automatically adjust the thermostat settings.

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

The sensor, measuring 1.5 by 1.5 millimeters, is buried in the bottom edge of the HomePod mini’s plastic, fabric-wrapped case near its…

You should try these minimal wallpapers for your iPhone

The Customization of iOS and iPadOS was not a thing before Apple iOS 14 update. In iOS 14 Apple introduced the Homescreen widgets feature, which attracts a lot of Apple and non-Apple users. Many people started looking at different homescreen setups and trying to implement them on their own devices. Just like widgets, choosing the right wallpaper is also very important. I also face difficulty while finding the right wallpaper for my setup. I usually like minimal-type wallpapers. Recently, I found an artist that design cool and minimal Apple wallpapers. …

Real-life images of Apple Airpods 3 leaked by Apple leaker

Apple is expected to reveal Airpods 3 and few other products at the 23rd of March 2021 event. The most accurate Apple leaker Jon Prosser already revealed the dates of the Apple upcoming event. If we look at his past record, most of his leaks were 100% accurate. He mentioned in his last video that Apple is going to reveal new products on the 23rd of March. According to Prosser, Apple is going to release Apple Airpods 3, mini-LED iPad Pro, AirTags, and an Apple TV.

Another Apple leaker LeaksApplePro has uploaded real-life hands-on images of Apple's upcoming Airpods 3…

A new feature is discovered in iOS 14.5 Beta 3 that helps prevent stalking

Last week Apple released a new Beta version of iOS 14.5 for developers. In iOS 14.5 Beta 3 a new stalking prevention feature has been discovered. It is most probably related to the upcoming Apple AirTags accessory.

Source: Benjamin Mayo

The feature is called the “Item Safety Feature”. This feature helps to prevent stalking by disabling the ability for item trackers to, well, track your location. This feature is most probably for Apple Airtags and maybe work for other tracking devices. According to 9to5Mac, Benjamin Mayo tweeted:

Something I hadn’t considered before: new beta includes a Item Safety setting in Find My. This…

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