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Must try these must-have widgets of July 2021, iOS14 Homescreen Widgets

Old Generation Apple Airpods support Lossless music support?

Source: Apple

The report says Apple is planning to use Samsung displays in the future iPhone models.

Photo by Frederik Lipfert on Unsplash

Must try these my favorite March 2021, iOS14 Homescreen Widgets

Source: Reddit user paatrickjohns

5 My Favorite Homescreen Widgets of March 2021

iFixit teardown of HomePod Mini found an ambient and temperature sensor inside

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

You should try these minimal wallpapers for your iPhone

Real-life images of Apple Airpods 3 leaked by Apple leaker

A new feature is discovered in iOS 14.5 Beta 3 that helps prevent stalking

Source: Benjamin Mayo

The update fixes some security issues with the previous iOS 14

A new Patent shows that Apple is working on new technology to detect light through the display for FaceID and TouchID.

Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash

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